Mast Barn Fame

Origin : 1840’s

The historic Mast barn frame measures 44’x78’. This pristine frame is circa late 1840’s. This frame has all white oak hewn Timbers. There are (5) bents with bay spacing in 22’-18’-18’-20’. The low rafter plates are at 15’4”. The barn also features rare double stacked interior bents. The peak of roof is 28’6”. This frame is available now and overall is in pristine condition. Call for pricing!

  • Price :Call or Email For Special 2021 Pricing
  • Distinct Feature :5 Bents
  • Distinct Feature :Double Stack Interior Bents
  • Distinct Feature :Roof Peak is 28'6''
  • Salvaged By : Ohio-Valley-Barn-Salvage-Barn-Frame-Homes-Relocation-Construction-Trucking-Ohio