Harvey Barn Frame

Origin : 1830's

Our Historic Harvey Barn Frame circa mid 1830’s. This frame measures 30’ wide by 42’ deep. The main floor space measures 30’x34’ and an original 8’ loft extends out on 1 side of the frame. This style of frame is referred to as “ SaltBox” style frame. The original frame had water damage in the center of the barn, so we married the 2 end bays together with all matching and original hewn timbers. The 1 side of the frame will have this 1 of a kind wind bracing that highly accents the structure. Ohio Valley Barn Salvage will also furnish time period replacement pole rafters on this frame. This is truly 1 of a kind hand hewn frame.

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  • Distinct Feature :Original 8’ loft extends out on 1 side of the frame
  • Distinct Feature :''SaltBox'' Style Frame
  • Distinct Feature :1 Of A Kind Frame
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