Reclaimed Wall Cladding

Our reclaimed wall cladding is milled from barns dating back to the late 1800’s / early 1900’s. This material provides a beautiful patina that is sure to transform any living space. We have a full lineup of wall cladding that is available in different colors, tones, sizes, and textures. From the fence boards of Kentucky to the weathered grey barn siding of Ohio, we have the wall paneling you’ve been looking for. See each product line below for complete details on color & specs.

Available Finishes

Product Disclaimer: Our reclaimed and repurposed materials can yield slightly different colors, textures and patterns from order to order. We do our best to keep the look as consistent as possible in each product line however there can be unique variations. As such we will not be held liable or accountable if variations in look do occur.

Triple B Enterprises Reclaimed Wood Products & Materials