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In the timber and reclaimed business since 2007, we have a passion for historic barn structures and the way they were crafted. As an ode to the wood artisans and our ancestors from the 19th century, we are continuing the timber framing trade. Sam Swartz (timber frame lead) has been in the barn & timber industry going on 15 years. Through this period, he has developed his skills and expanded his knowledge of how to produce the best timber frame components and structures. Our facility is located in the heart of white oak and barn country, affording us the opportunity to utilize the best timbers for your structure.

The Process

All starts with a timeless design. Our team can help you with each step of the timber frame process. From the design of your structure to selecting the type of timbers that best represent your style, we can be involved in as little or as much as you prefer.

Once the design and drawings are finalized, our team will select the timbers for your project. Each timber is hand-selected and then goes through a wash / spray treatment process. Traditional mortise and tenon joinery are used as it provides superior strength and exceptional stability. Once the milling and joinery work are completed the timbers are tagged to simplify the installation process. Our timber frame joinery techniques continue to evolve, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovation engineering practices.

In Summary

There are many benefits to building a traditional timber frame structure.

  • Visual Appeal - Timber frames offer natural textures and rustic aesthetics; the craftsmanship elevates the beauty of these structures.
  • Longevity - This traditional building method offers excellent durability and can last for generations. Mortise and tenon joints provide exceptional strength and stability.
  • Sustainability - Utilizing the timbers of past generations creates a renewable resource, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction materials.
  • Design Flexibility - Whether you want a complete timber frame structure or a hybrid where natural beams are combined with other material like steel or concrete, anything is possible. Timber frame joinery accommodates open floor plans with the absence of load bearing walls. Each structure can be created with living spaces that suit individual needs and preferences.

Timber frame structures and hybrid builds seamlessly blend nature and architecture. Embrace the beauty of timber frame joinery, it is an ideal choice for those wanting to integrate natural textures, strength, and sustainability.


Timber Options Available:

Triple B Reclaimed Resawn Doug Fir

Reclaimed Resawn Doug Fir
Triple B Reclaimed Hand-Hewn Oak

Reclaimed Hand-Hewn Oak
Triple B Reclaimed Rough Sawn Oak

Reclaimed Rough Sawn Oak
Triple B New Growth Hand-Hewn White Oak

New Growth Hand-Hewn White Oak

Timber Frame Structure Offerings:

  • Tiny Homes
  • Event Centers
  • Pavilions
  • Pergolas
  • Party Barn
  • Custom Home (pictured)
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